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In September 2003 the International Academy for Equestrian Studies (IAES) was closed due to financial struggles that occured - in large part – as a result of the war in Iraq and the SARS outbreak. However, the idea that drove the IAES – that a professional equestrian education should be available for every ambitious rider in the world - has remained alive.

 The succesful team lead by Stephan Kiesewetter has found a new organization to provide that high quality education and much more. On December 1st, the operations of the International Equestrian Academy, managed by Étoile Riders Resorts, has been started, replacing the International Academy for Equestrian Studies. Stephan Kiesewetter leads the new Academy as a co-managing director and as chief trainer.

 The International Equestrian Academy is part of a full-service center for the serious rider. In addition to the Warendorf Campus, we have additional top quality facilities for specialized programs. Étoile offers specialized consulting services; including support for a number of areas ranging from purchasing horses to managing riding facilities in Germany and abroad. The new management team will provide high-level equestrian education services and looks forward to your visits and inquiries.


The International Equestrian Academy.

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